Trials and freestyle

What is a good unicycle that can double as an ok trials and freestyle for around $200-225, becuase my lx isnt cutting it. Any help is welcomed…

I’m shopping also. The nimbus 20 looks good to me!
Perhaps with a hookworm in the future.

well the nimbus is alright but crap cranks so they will bend just so you know

If your looking for a balance for trials and freestyle I would say just get a low end Trials Unicycle, that means one with a Mod Tire and 19" rim. You will still be able to do most freestyle tricks on it and you have the right tire to be able to ride trials with no worries. This doesnt reallly work in reverse a mid range freestyle unicycle probably will not be good for doing trials on at all.



I’m thinking about getting a nimbus 20inch trials next year or something

well, I really wish they’d make the dx with a 19" rim. that would make so many people’s life easier.

Is this the one you guys are talking about…


Thats the one.

Definatly agree with Checkernuts, if you willing going a bit over budget consider the splined quax (picture can be seen here ) if you want it for trials, you wont have to worry about bending/replacing cranks, which can start adding up.
It may be a bit heavier than a freestyle / non splined uni, but you soon get used to the weight.

(if you get the quax, make shure you get the 2005 model as the older frames were wide & heavy )

Or just give Darren from Bedford unicycles a call / email tell him how much you willing to spend & what you want to do with it and he will tell you what he can offer you.

I got the 2005 QU-AX 20" trails unicycle a few weeks ago, I mostly ride city-trials, but I also go offroad, communter and a lot of freestyle too. I’m a level 4 rider, but I can do tricks up on level 7. For my use, the QU-AX is perfect!

Alst notice the differenct between the 2004 and 2005 Ktris Holm seat! Huge difference in comfort and in the handle!

A friend had the 2004 model, and quite as they say, it is heavy and slow. Fortunately for him, he had to change the frame and got the 2005-model frame for free and thus a better uni.