Trials "Action-Cam" pictures

Hello all,

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to the gallery:

Nothing terribly impressive here, I was really just trying out my new camera.

They were taken on an “Action-Cam”. It has 4 lenses and takes a frame every 0.22 seconds. If you’re interested, the camera uses regular film and is apparently sold at Eddie Bauer (mine was a gift). As you can tell, I should have used higher speed film.

Re: Trials “Action-Cam” pictures

That might not have helped. If this camera is the one that I’m thinking of (see then you’re unlikely to have shutter speed control. A faster speed film might only give you an overexposed shot, what you need is a faster film AND a faster shutter speed. These cameras are so basic they usually have a fixed shutter speed. Maybe you could get another one and dismantle it (they’re fairly cheap). The shutter is just a disk with a round hole in it that rotates behind the 4 lenses, there may be a way of speeding it up - stronger spring, lessening friction or something.

I tried one of the cameras years back (the design hasn’t changed) for white water kayaking shots. They seemed to work okay for these, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly. Anything travelling fast enough to justify the multiple shots tended to blur, and anything travelling slow enough not to blur tended not to be as dramatic as I’d have wished.

It’s all a matter of what you’re after really. I wanted higher quality photos (in focus, correct exposure, no blurring etc.) but thought that this camera might give some interesting results. I thought that some of the shots I took would have been great as a single photo with a normal camera, so I went back to that (mind you, I’m a fussy git when it comes to photos).

If you’re after a “moving” record of your activities then this could be fine for you. The trouble is you’re just too damned fast man!:slight_smile:

Have fun!


Cool pics George. Looks like you put a 3 incher on your muni. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on RAGBRAI. cheers… Joe in Iowa