[Trials] - A Short Video

I put together a few clips from yesterday. I’m working a longer video. I’ve improved a lot since my last :slight_smile:


Very short, I was exspecting a little more than that lol. Looking forward to the full video.

Haha yeah :o . I cut it down really short to make it fit the song. I have all the footage for the full length video…I’ve just been lazy.

I’m glad you enjoyed the whole minute of it though :wink:

Think of this as a trailer…for an amateur trials rider video that won’t be overly exciting, but will probably keep your attention throughout. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Good job on the 27" sidehop, thats awesome! I will be very excited for your new video…

Oh and the quality was great! What software do you use to edit it?

Keep it up!


Thanks Isaac!

I used iMovie to compress to “full quality,” then used a program called iSquint to compress down to 14mb :slight_smile: It’s taken me a lot trial and error to find a compression method that I’m satisfied with, I’m glad you noticed it.

Cool, I like your editing style. I’m looking forward to the full length video.

Is 27" your highest side hop?

Thanks man.

Yeah, I feel like I can go higher though. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a nice 30" ledge :).

I’ve made a 26" with no prehop…so I don’t think 30" would be pushing it.


what i do to practice side hop is to go to a grocery store and grap some pallets. its real easy to stack em up and practice. youll see that when i finish my video…

Cool vid.

27" is my highest too, but no prehop (I have problems timing those right). I want to find a good ledge too. 27" for me was up to pallets, and I always feel like a stck of pallets looks bigger than a ledge of the same height. I think it has to do with the many spaces when you stack up pallets adding up to make it look bigger.

Try to find a low picnic table. At least in my area, low ones are around 30" high.

Well what can I say, it’s good to see a clip of someone having to put some effort in to get a good hop height - most people make it look so easy! Yet, I struggle to get 20". Meh!

For some reason, I have a much harder time hopping up to a picnic table than up to a ledge of the same height. But I have seen some 30" picnic tables, that may be what I resort to.

I’ve done 5 pallets (In my last trials video), I think i can probably do 6 now though. But I agree, they tend to look higher.

Things tend to look small on camera too…when you actually stand next to that 27" ledge, it looks impossible. Know what I mean?

Thanks! Yea, I didn’t show all the clips of me falling before I made it up that ledge. Work your way up. I made the 24, 25, and 26" before I attempted the 27".

Heh heh, notice all of the dirt on the ground behind me. That is a ledge to a flower garden.

very cool editing. cant wait for full length. nice hops!


For the record, I accidentally got that shot where you can see my reflection in the glass haha.

Great video, you learn fast. I’ve been riding since april and can ride one foot, sortof but not really unispin, and almost ride backwards. Ill see where i am in another six months

(making it into a story was a brilliant idea)