trials 24

what paRTS SHOULD i get if i want a 24-inch trials that can go muniing…

probably Kris holm 24" frame, 2.5" tire. Dont buy a 3.0 tire its so heavy for trials i think.

No, be SURE to get a 3.0 tire. You can run them at really low pressures without bottoming them out, just like trials tires. It also rolls over stuff really well for muni.

Bottom line: build a regular uni, but get good at hopping with the extra weight of a 24". There is a fair number of people who use 24s for pretty much everything.

the problem with trials/muni tires is you have to have them be rugged enough for muni and light enough for trials. you have to find the perfect balance. :wink:

KH 24" Freeride with a regular seatpost.

I ride my freeride (with a rail adaptor post) for trials, street, everything else, etc. and it works fine. You won’t get the same lightness and hop height as a 19", and I think it’s a bit worse for technical trials (posts, skinny gapping, etc.) but it works fine.

:slight_smile: i’m also looking to get a unicycle that will be used

65% of the time a muni and
35% of the time a trials unicylce…
probably this means a 24" since this is my favourite size for muni…

apart from the KH’s are there any cheaper versions…
i live in Australia and only really have UDC and to buy from

Qu-Ax 24" muni, but upgrade the pedals.

I’ve got one and I like it. It’s a little on the heavy side, and the stock pedals are kinda wimpy. They’re making weird noises and clicking and grinding after 2 months of not-that-extreme riding. Other than that it’s a really solid cycle (and cheap).