Trials ~ 2

My newest video, hope you enjoy Clicky!
comment plz

Very nice!

You’ve improved loads since your torker lx 24"!

Surprisingly, this was really enjoyable. The editing and quality made it a good watch. You have improved loads.

You should always try to have your free arm loose to the object you are jumping to.

Could you explain…

You should hold the saddle with your other hand so that your free hand is on the side you jump to. It makes it easier to ballance and helps with long gaps and high hops, oh and looks alot better.

I did, didn’t I.
I jumped to my left and my right hand held the saddle.

Any more suggestions?

Oops sorry, if forgot, midway in the movie, i figured that out and switched, but only a few scenes showed the switch, sorry

This is the video that got me sponsored:)

that was enjoyable, you cannot beat queen (oh yeah you can… only just tho lol) well done on the sponsorship too!


Good video mate!:wink:

And about what the guy above me said, jump into the direction of which your “free” hand is. It looks twice as good, and it gives you better balance.

And by the way, from whom did you get sponsored?

By 661