Trials 19in or 24in???

Hey Im getting ready to order a uni for trials/street/offroad trail riding. Most of the riding i will do will most likely be in urban enviroments but i may decide to go to the local trails/rock gardens to mess around as well.
Im stuck on deciding if i want to get a 19in trials uni or a 24in mountain uni :thinking:
Any suggestions???


Technical Muni is easier on a 19" than tech Trials on a 24". If you want speed and less technical ridding 24" might be better. However if for those three types of ridding a 19" might be more useful to you. There are some 24" street riders our there, but not many as 19" wheelset is much more trick friendly. Cruising around and going far on a 19 will be pretty tedious, but better for tricking, jumping and such.

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You most probably want the 19. This is good for the muni it sounds like you want to do, but you wont get much speed. 19s are ideal for trials and street.

If only I had the green to buy both at the same time…:stuck_out_tongue:

i thought u could only get 19" trials so thanks for telling me about 24"

There is no such thing as a 24" trials uni.

But to avoid confusion:

Some people do trials as a secondary style, on their 24" uni that they primarily use for Muni.

I wouldn’t take a 19" trials uni out on the trails unless I was only going to walk to spots for natural trials. It’s strong enough for the obstacles, but not really large enough to ride a muni trail.

I disagree. Natty Street on Vimeo
Granted that isn’t quite typical Muni riding, tho I had a lot of fun and I owned all over that trail.

confidence and safety

Although there are a number of riders that can do good trials stuff on a 24, I’m not so sure how many learned it first on the larger wheel.

I can ride backwards on my 24 and 29. But the extra hight means I am much more likely to land on my back if I screw up, then with a 19.

So a 19 with a low seat has a super advantage, the confidence that being close to the ground, and a better shot at landing on ones feet, can provide.:slight_smile:

Once you are good at something on a 19, it is often not much harder to do the same thing on a 24.

But I think anyone would benefit from learning most new stuff on a 19 or 20.

Perhaps if money is tight, buy a cheap 20 now. Later buy a 29 for neighborhood exploring.

You don’t need a trials uni right away unless you are very heavy . Their only advantage is extra toughness for jumping stuff, that a new rider would not be doing for a while. A Torker lx with a KH seat is all most riders could want in their first year of riding.

29’s and 36’s are very easy to ride ( I got a 36 after riding one month). I have a Torker ax 29. That would be an excellent choice for a second uni. The ax’s are worth a little more money IMHO, for the cool alum frame and lightness. Otherwise, the lx and ax series are very similar quality wise.

If you want a Torker, check out this site. Mine came ok in one week. I recommend them because with free shipping, I think that’s the best prices on the web

Really, there is no good all around uni. Like golf clubs, most of us have several. 36 ing and trials riding are almost two different hobbies.

If you’re a cadence driven masochist you can ride through any trail on a 20", but 3 miles in on a round trip those tiny revolutions do add up.

Still, nice video Agent Q.
Your grandmother’s riding is impressive for her age… (ok, jk :D)

Yea cross country type ridding would be quite silly on a 19". Techy DH, however, the 19 performs quite well.

Granny’s got some skills.

the 19" is deffinetly the best for trials and street, and the more technical muni. as others have said the 24" is faster and better for muni, but it is harder to do trials and street on. i gather that the majority of your riding will be trials and street so the 19" is deffinetly the way to go. i recon the nimbus isis 19" with Kris Kolm moment cranks on (thyere much stronger) will suit your needs fine, unless you want to spend a bit more and get a koxx devil/white russian (basically the same but different colours) or KH20 which is probably the best.

Just get a 24. I don’t care what other people say you can trick on it just fine for learning. The 19 is only good if you have a spot to ride. If you plan on riding alot the 24 is just better.

seems like there are alot of mixed opinions haha

In the end, your first choice of uni depends on what you want to do more of - Muni, or Trials. Then you can make the simple decision of whether to get a Municycle, or a trials uni. The end!