[trial]West Coastrial

This is my new vid, there is bike and unicycle.


That was a rad video. You had some really big drops in there and it looks like you landed them well. I really like the location and it especially cool to see both uni and bike doing the same lines.

nice vid

Nice video !! I know those lines probably look alot harder in reality cause cameras always make rocks look really small.Cool to see someone else riding with a trials biker

what psi are you running at, your tire looked like it didn’t ever bend. Nice video. That would be heaven to ride in.

Stop with the psi questions man.Run it at what you prefer.If you arent getting punctures your psi is fine but if you want one that wont go down much then pump it up alot more and youll get used to how it feels and the timing etc for high hops and stuff

Enjoyed that video !!! Liked the trials lines, which looked quite tough. Well done !!! It’s great watching natural trials :slight_smile:

i want that frame