[trial] Weißenburg


Dresi an me went riding in Weißenburg on 26.12.
There are some nice crashes!


Just a video for fun.

Happy new year


None are working for me.

ups. thanks mars


Nice work, that fall looked pretty bad. I didn’t like the music.
Nice riding man.

Cool Vid! Good riding, especially for in the snow.

Cool vid:D

Your hops and gaps are getting bigger, w/ fewer prehops and hesitation.

How high was that pedal grab?

Nice vid again Johannes :sunglasses:

And to skilewis74: it’s Bob Burnquist…

Peter M

Thanks. I fudged the quote a tad (he said skate, not ride) and may have missed a word or two.

I was going off memory from 10+ yrs ago.

nice video
and i wanna know who’s that band
and who’s dresi?

Dresi is the guy who killed a Try All street rim on a 2meter drop :smiley:

Peter M

www.ajata.de/2m/lutz/koxxroxx.wmv this is the video