Trial Video

I made a new video, it is only trial but in the next month we will publish a street video as well.

Small version: (17mb)
Big version: (30mb)

I would recommend you to download the bigger version, because it’s better to watch.

great vid

That’s some goood riding. Enjoyed the vid lots.

that was an insane vid! I want more!

We want more, we want more:p
That was Great!

When I saw that Bus stop I thought to myself, “he’ll never jump off that!” :roll_eyes: . Imagine my surprise when you did :astonished:
Great video, Great riding, keep up the good work.


Woh either you really know your camera angles or those were some f*?$*!g huge gaps, well done nice vid

Those were some beautiful trials lines you guys found and they were executed so smoothly! Awesome Vid.

wow that was very good!

very sweet video, its nice to see some trials for once…


Very nice vid!!
But what is it with german people and ugly pants? :wink:

These videos just keep getting more amazing! I wonder how many months, years, and hours per day of focused practice it would take to get that proficient! I know it really depends on the person, but in general, you just don’t acquire skills like that without constant, hard work and LOTS of practice.

Yeah? I’m wondering… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid too, you guys got awesome skills!

We all unicycle since 10-12 years, but we started with trial only after the Unicon 2002. I am the only one who practices trial more than once a week, because the others do a lot of freestyle unicycling and uni hockey too. The gaps are like 6 feet, we don’t have a fish eye or something like this to make the gaps look longer.

Thanks for the nice comments!

edit:if you mean Moritz pants you wrong, they very beautiful :wink:

awesome skills you guys have got, nice vid!!

that was sweet! i was diggin the pants though…

i loved it! the whole thing was great. some of those drops and gaps were mind blowing. the jump off the house to the rock must have been terrifying. good job!

wow! nice video!

i liked when you jump all that handrails

thats was amazing

and the drop from upside the house

keep riding

that was sooo sick…

nice video