Trial video!

Hi, here is a short video of me having fun on my uni. I have been riding for a littel over 6month and I know Im just a beginner so all help are welcomed!!



Looking very good for only 6 month!

Amazing for 6 months! Your doing insanely great. Keep up the good work.

Your hops are huge!

Im loving that spot at 01:30, there are no good places to pracise trials here :frowning:

Wow your insane for only riding for 6 months. Cant wait to see how good you’ll be in a year.

You have a nice lookin unicycle btw :wink:

That is awesome for six months man. Can’t wait to see more from you in the future.

And your unicycle is really really nice. Seriously. It’s awesome.:stuck_out_tongue:

Impressive… enjoyed you movie.

Excellent skills for such a short time of Uni riding, well done !!!

I always loved your bike videos and now you ride uni aswell :smiley:

amazing skills for someone who has been riding for half a year. nice video and i really liked the music.

around 1:30 you did a seat out drop. try to roll out next time, it looks smoother.
looking forward to see your second video.

:)very good riding for 6 moths !!
but I think you can do a lot better than in the video… :roll_eyes: everything went so easly