Trial video from Germany/Augsburg

Hey folks,

here is my new video!

Click on “download” at the right bottom of the box.

Hope you enjoy:)

great video. You’re really good at riding skinnies.

cool job. i liked the train tracts part

i can’t see online, would you make a download direct link please ?

Very good video J Burger,

those rail gaps in the end rocked.

yeha thanks :slight_smile: glad to hear that u like the vid

try this link:

wait a littlebit than the download should open

Excelent video! That was really good. The high jump bar was massive too. Nice job on the train tracks.

You can just sooo high. How high exactly? Excellent video I really liked it.


the hop over the bar was 85cm

it’s online at utv now.
original wmv file (31 MB) is here and mov file (61 MB) you find here.

Cool video !!! You will beat the 90 this year for sure :smiley:

good video, i like you style.
something about your prehops makes your jumping look cool.


man you jump to the side of your back foot?

your pre hop is huge!! and you jump very high!

yeah, this vid is cool, it remenber me unicon , you jumped higher than me in the high jump competition.

do you jump higher over a bar ?


yeha now i know who you are… (:

no not really