trial vid !

by Marcus Hahn 13

soon in vimeo !

enjoy ! :smiley:

thats a pretty sweet video! Nice gaps dude.

Good stuff!!! I wish I could do that when I was 13!!:stuck_out_tongue: I still gotta get myself a trials uni though.

Nice Job Getting 95cm your very close to getting 1m.
Work on 3spins too.

it was a 360 flip !

You are really good, awesome gaps, and 95 was sick.

Your 270s are super smooth to.

Nice job! 95cm is about 37". There is a comp now to do 36" si and static, with no prehop(s), so I’d LOVE to see that! How long have you been riding, and about how much time each day were you practiceing to get to this skill level?

i have been riding in 1 year an 10 month.

absolutely amazing…here goes ALL my hope of being pro…haha

great skills, awesome ups and gaps, love yur style

Wow! Very impressed. Another name to watch.

watch his other video :stuck_out_tongue: im assumeing that that is also him he does a 540 unispin :slight_smile: also i was wondering on that other video on your account what is the setup of that unicycle it appears to be a kh with qu-ax wheel set … really nice gaps and ups in this video mate super work.

I really like your vid !!!( and your flat vids are also amazing !) :astonished:
You just ride 1 year and 10 months and your already amazing good !!! :angry: :slight_smile: :astonished:
What do you do the most: Flat or trial??