trial unicycles

Qu-ax splined is pretty shweet…

its wicked strong, and extremely smooth.

cool…il probably get that when i get some more cash (just a bit more :slight_smile: )…you may think this is a bit wired buuut, does it look good :o :smiley:

it looks extremely sexxi.

the frame is jet black, and the seat and hub are yellow. they go quite good together. this is all complmented by the extremely beefy maxxis tire.

fucking great uni

as soon as I get out of fucknig school im gonna go hit up soem trials on it allll afternoon.

the qu-ax takes w/e you throw at it

COOL! will try’n get it as soon as possible (il prob sell some stuff which i’ll never use):smiley:
cheers for the responce

Where abouts do you live.


i live in South Wales…place called Monmouth :slight_smile:

go look on ebay. before i changed my mind into making a custom one i was going to buy a torker dx off of there for $214 (in us dollors) plus the shipping

they are brand new to

I got my Torker DX from ebay, the whole total with shipping turned out to be 248 dollars =p

The only trial unicycle on ebay is a new ‘monty trials’ unicycle for £120 (‘buy it now’, 3 left) and on it is £130 but im not sure if it’s good or not :thinking: :slight_smile:

Oh yea, the P&P is £15-1st class :slight_smile:

its good but not splined, so no big drops.

Be warned! add cost of shipping to UK, then the charge that the carrier charges on docking in uk £20… here is how it goes:

(Cost of item + import Duty 18% on the cost of item + cost of shipping + docking fee) x 1.175 [VAT]

Although your unicycle may be imported and be missed by customs, if you are caught you will be paying a LOT more than you thought.


Blunt answer… No. Well ok, the tyre is good, that is it in my opinion… If you only have £120 buy the Quax cross. The Nimbus Trials is vastly better than the the QuAx and it is only £15 more.


HMM im still a bit confused as to which uni to get…because the hoppley is perfect BUT it weighs like 10kg…is it possible to do freestyle stuff with it being that heavy (sorry if i sound like a complete idot at the moment but im just getting to know all this unicycle stuff :o )

You can do whatever you want with any unicycle you want. You could probably do freestyle on a coker if you wanted to and were good.

Here’s how it works: get the lightest you can afford. If the lightest you can afford is 10kg, and you’re willing to accept that, then you WILL make it work for what you want to use it for.

Getting a heavy unicycle and getting good with it just means you’re better than the guys at the same skill level cheating with light ones. :slight_smile:

The weight quoted in the price list is a volumised shipping weight which includes the box etc.

I have put the weight up for you. It is 6.32kg. This makes it a lot lighter than the Monty which is not even splined!


Thats Brilliant, Cheers for the info…i think that uni will suit me:D

hey man im from south wales too(merthyr tydfill) i got a unicycle from its like 37.99 (quid) pritty strong too…i bought a new seat tho…