Trial unicycle

Well i have been unicycling for 2 years with an ordinary unicycle and now i want to have one better. That will be good for drop and hop. I though the KH 20 trial unicycle will be good for me.
I dont want that the rim break when I do some big drop. My weigh is 130 pounds.

Is the KH 20 trial will be good ?

If no, what will be the best for me ?


you’re either going to want the kh20 or the onza trials. you can’t go wrong with either. people could debate forever about which is best and there have been approximately five hundred threads concering this topic.

save yourself the time and just flip a coin


I agree, either will suit you fine. Especially if you only wiegh 130.

Go for the KH because you can order it directly from Bedford in Toronto. His phone number is at Don’t bother looking at the rest of the dite it is essentially worthless. It’s way out of date and he has much larger stock.



I’ve got a KH20 Pro, and that thing is overkill!

Heres my specifics:

AlexDX32 19" Rim
Luna 20"x2.50" Trials tire
Profile drivetrain
Oddyssey Jim C. unsealed pedals.
KH20" Pro frame (hey I didn’t want to wait until the regular frames came back into stock at
Thompson Elite seatpost.
Kris Holm Rail Adapter
Kris Holm seat.

The only thing bad about the uni is the price: $1300.00 USD. But hey, the only things to go bad on it in the next year are the pedals, seat (it does flex, maybe I’ll switch to carbon fibre base, and new fusion cover with an air pillow), and tire. If I keep the wheel true, and grease my Profile set-up I’ll be fine.

The thing is bombproof. I’ve been nervous that it’s handled stuff my other uni never could. I do drops or hops/jumps, and get off right away to inspect the damage, and I can’t believe the thing is still in great shape aside from nicks and scratches. The wheel is still true! Amazing!!

It will eventually make up for its high cost, through years of use/abuse!!! It was so worth it!!



how big are the drops you do? how much do you weigh?


I do like 6feet drop. The kh 20 trial cycle will resist to it?

Thanks a lot.

I went with the KH 20 Trials Unicycle and I love it, It seems like a very solid built unicycle.