Trial unicycle

I arived in Cape Town a month ago without my uni and I would like to equip me in a cheap trial unicycle 20 or 24 inches. but I can’t buy up to 350 dollars.
Do you know where I can by one in South africa or somewere else in the world with low postal charges?
I am also interested by a used one.
So, if one of you know a uni shop in south africa or want to sell his hold unicycle,please, contact me.
My email adress is ‘’ ‘’.



Hi Boulou

For anything from the Qu-ax or Kris Holm range, go to Oddwheel Unicycles at They are based in Johannesberg, but ship to Cape Town. I have bought 3 unis from Oddwheel for myself, and several for other people and am very happy with the service. They do have a Cape Town agent based in Somerset West, who may have stock. Their details should be on the website.

There are some local bicycle shops that sell cheap unicycles." Olympic Cycles" in Landsdown road in Claremont was selling a non-splined 20inch with an Alex DX rim and a Maxxis creapy crawler for R800. I suggest you do NOT buy that though. It is very weak.


Thank you man I just have seen your reply now…I’m not a regular user of this forum and I didn’t seen your answer, I was expecting the site to send me an email to confirm the answers :thinking:

Hopefully, I have joined Amaonetya from an other way…I’m sure you have guess who I am, maybe a long time before…

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