Trial Unicycle Help

I just finished watching Univers Extreme Unicycling and know I want to learn to trial ride more than ever. The only problem is that I know very little about the stuff that I’m looking at :thinking: . Could somebody please take the time to help me out. Could you please just tell me a little about a product, it’s purpose on the uni and what makes it so much better than the others. I am also looking for a $300 or less trial unicycle set up. It would be an adult sized uni.

THanks a lot


Sure… trials riding. Heres what I’d recommend for under 300 dollars. Basically your only options as far as trials unicycles under 300 dollars are at There is also Bedford unicycles but they will cost more. Here are links to trials unicycles under300 on
This is the unicycle I started trials on. I now ride on a customized yuni profile rig but this is dependable up to 2 feet. You will want to upgrade the cranks to Bicycle Euro once you break the cheap Lasco cranks that are included. Once you outfit it with BEs you will be able to put more stress on the uni.
This unicycle just hits your limit and is probably the best thing you can afford. You won’t need to upgrade it (unless you DON’T like the seat) until you decide to drop over 3 and a half feet.
HOWEVER. If you want to go over your spending limit by 30 dollars and get something that will last a lot longer and will take a lot more stress, buy the Summit.

As far as advice goes on practice I would recommend going into a city and just working on getting gutsy with obstacles.

Could someone please explain the difference between a Trials uni and a Muni? I know that in trials, you usually use a 20-inch well and in MUni, a larger wheel is normally used. Are there any other fundamental differences?


Wow I never new I was so limited in quality with $300. I now want a uni that will last for a long time and can withstand drops of about 7 feet. How much would this cost, would it be better to get a custom uni or a kit, and what do you recomend I get. Again adult size, but he price range can be up to about $650.

Thanks again


Disregard the last message I sent. Instead I found out how to look at the uni’s and found two in my price range, but one is $20 more and I was wondering whats the difference.

Ones a Yuni 20-inch Trials with profile hub

The other is United 20-inch Trials with profile Hub

any suggestions or alternatives would be perfect.



Me again, sorry. Are the prices at canadian or what are they.

the yuni frame has a flat crown fot one foot skills, whilst this makes no diference if you’re using it for pure trials, its more than likley you’ll want to learn to ride with one foot, and one day learn to glide, these skills will be much easier with the uni frame.

it may be cheaper to build your own uni based around the kh splined axle
you’ll haveto do the sums

I don’t have a trials uni, but some have been concerned with the
tight side tire clearance on the United frame. There is more side clearance on the Yuni frame.