Trial uni for a heavy person

Hi there, i`m new member of this forum - name is Chris and country is Poland :slight_smile:

My question is:
Which trial uni will last if i try to do some big drops on it? Im rather big guy - 193 cm and 109 kg. :-) I thought about koxx devil... how do you think? Im sure that there are a bunch of big guys riding trial or maybe this type of riding is not possible with weights over 60 kg?


well its pretty impossible to decide which is stronger between the qu-ax yellow hub trials uni, the koxx devil and the KH 07.

The qu-ax MDC edition is abit heavier than the other two, but hardly makes a difference, and the koxx devil has a slightly weaker rim and crmo steel frame.

the KH20" has an aluminium frame so abit weaker but stronger rim. And its overall lightness, is good.

Now people can argue over crank strength for ages lol, but in the end no one knows. So as long as it is splined it’ll hopefully be able to support you.

You NEED a custom

I am sure even a top grade uni has a limit. For your sake lets hope it’s 300 lbs. and not 250 ! I would suggest asking about warrenties. It sounds like you may need one. Ask UDC what the strongest rim is, or has the best warrenty etc.
It’s not that hard or much more expensive to make a custom out of parts. It is rare for splined hubs to fail, yet if I were you I would pay extra for the profile hub (life time free replacement). Tell UDC why you want to build a truck, they may suggest what frame is strongest etc.
Normally, everyone just agrees you should get a KH or Koxx and nothing will break. For you, parts will break much much sooner. I say make a custom with a profile hub, and select your other parts more by the replacement policy then other considerations.
I fear you will be disappointed with any stock uni. You would be wise to research this carefully. Talk to UDC and renagade.


Right, good point with the warranty. Yet, it might be difficult here in Poland - we have just a couple of uni dealers… Maybe they will help me out - these stores are established by “uni freaks” :slight_smile:

I disagree. A KH/Qu-ax/koxx is stronger than anything you’ll get custom. Also Kh isis cranks/hub are much stronger than proflies and much cheaper.

Unfortunately, even small stuff you do on the uni is gonna put a considerable amount of stress on it. If you really want to stick with stock uni’s then get the qu-ax or KH. Otherwise, if you want a uni that can take a beating (even with your weight) I’d go with something like this:

UDC carbon fiber seat base
KH handle and bumper
KH fusion cover
Nimbus II frame
KH Hub and cranks
Pedals of your choice
Spokes from bike shop or MDC
Koxx STREET RIM- Not the drilled one!
Random tube
Tire of your choice

Now, all of this stuff is avaliable from MDC ( Roland runs that, so you can email him or call about buying the things that you want. I’m sure that you can also get him to do the wheelbuild if you don’t want to do it yourself.

I think you want to shop here

Shipping costs to Poland from the states will be considerable. On warranty claims, they will make you pay postage. So you should buy on your side of the pond. I doubt your local shops will have a selection to rival UDC (unicycle dot com).
It’s intresting that UDC US stocks different parts then UDC UK.
Saddly, the warranty on stuff from UDC is only 30 days. Other then the Profile hub and crank set, you will have to gamble.
The profile was the first splined set on the market. Kris Holms used them for 5 years himself. The KH may be stronger but so what? As soon as you break one you will wish you had a broken profile instead.

No, he wants to shop at MDC, because that is in Germany…

And, why do you think all the relly good riders switched to KH Moments? Because they are better and don’t need a warrenty. Ryan himself said that when he used profiles (for at least a few years) he bent them 13 times. He’s been riding Moments for almost a year if I’m not mistaken and hasn’t bent or broken them once.

why would he want the undrilled one? the KH rim is probably just as strong because of the superiour metal…

also, a cf base really isn’t needed until you have broken your normal base, you’d have to buy a seat anyway for the foam, cover, and handle/ bumper.

anwyays buying profiles in europe is hard, so shipping will cost you loads, might as well buy 5 pairs of moment cranksets. Plus as someone said above, they seem to be doing better than profiles for ryan atkins… which is defo a good sign.

btw about the higher grade material… some info about 7075 aluminium

“Although the 7075-T6 aluminum has a much higher strength to weight ratio, it does have a higher tendency of cracking than 6061 T6.”

so just to say 7075 aluminium doesnt mean the koxx rim is that much weaker than the kh07. but again i’m gonna get hammered by kh followers for this

I was just giving suggestions. I agree, the KH 07 rim is probably as strong as the Koxx street rim, but the Koxx drilled rim is deff. not as strong as the undrilled one.

It’s cheaper to go strait with CF. Watch.

Strait to CF:
(In USD)

CF base: $78
Cover: $15
Bumper +handle: $12
Random foam from crafts shop or something: ~$10


Plastic base then CF:
(Also in USD)

KH plastic base: $52


I win:)

Welcome Chris any of the unicycles mentioned in this thread will be fine, what I wonder is why you say you’re a big guy when you weigh over 60kg. How much over 60kg?
I weigh 67kg and ride KH07 and so far no problems at all I have total confidence in the strength of the frame.
I’m more likely to break myself than the unicycle.

well i’m not actaully that sure. I’m not a straight stupid koxx-one lover, but before the kh07 unis came out, everyone was bashing drilled rims, now that KH has gone drilled everyone thinks they are awesome.

And ok they are in a slightly different alloy than the koxx-one rims but still.

Also people will argue that koxx rims bend real easily. Well thats simplyc cause they are sold on alot of bikes and unis, a lot lot more are sold than KH rims. So pretty obviously more of them will break.

Also spoke tension is probably more important than rim material.

But to finish it all off, if ur buying for a custom uni, i really dont see what kind of idiot would choose a koxx rim they are like twice the price of a KH07 rim, which is ridiculous. Ok they come in cool colours but still.

edit : to the person above… do people ever read the posts? he is 109kg, quite abit over 60kg…

Missed that bit I read the bottom bit where he mentioned 60kg thought it seemed a little strange


I have read many posts on many forums and noticed that average of the weight was about 60kg (speaking about guys riding trial) - that gave me the impression that i might be a “little bit” too heavy :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the replies - it is a big help

I’ve heard Egon say that Roland did 2 meter drops on a Qu-Ax unicycle, he’s pretty tall and 90kg, maybe you should contact a unicycle store to see what they say? Roland is from and he has lots of experience with unicycles, you might as well ask him.

I’m just guessing

I’m sorry if I implied that I knew for sure a 250 lb. guy doing repeated 4 ft. drops would break any stock uni quickly. I really don’t know. I suggest you ask very large shops like UDC or the municycle place in germany. They are the ones that get all the returns from big guys. Maybe you could buy a stocker and ride a long time with no trouble.
Surely there is a limit though. Good luck !

well speaking bout weights etc, what do people think is an ideal weight for trials, like what is average.

I dont would recoment you the koxx rim or koxx frame because I saw both of them break very easy on a convention last weekend (the rim on a 1,8m flat drop and the frame from a guy who recently start with unicycling and did not do anything big). The other problem with these products is, that they cost much more than the same products from other brands (KH rim is 20€cheaper and qu-ax or nimbus frames are cheaper also).

Well after reading this, i’m glad i didn’t buy that Koxx devil that was on sale in a bike shop close to where i live. Although i do feel sorry for the one who did buy it. :frowning: