[Trial] Trial Session in Darmstadt


Tamas, 3s and I went to Darmstadt for a trial session last sunday.

The result is this video.


Finaly a good trials movie.
To long ago.
Loved it, nice work you guys have done.

Peter M

BTW: what’s with all the zooming in on non unicyclers? :wink: :smiley:

Nice video mate, next time you zoom in on some ass though, make sure it’s a nice one :wink: Thanks for putting the music in the credits, I kept wondering what the first song was because I had it, but forgot! Good job, see you at FLUCK!

Sauber ihr drei! Wirklich fette Lines drin! Ich glaub ich bleib bei Street…

That was awesome. I liked when you rode along the rail then hopped to that box.

hi btw im “3s”

try right klick save as

great vid, apart from the part were you showed two clips at the same time, too much to look at :o

You also can watch it at UTV now if you have problems with the wmv file


wow u guys got hops…
got to love the girls…

nice vid, the first part sucked though

thanks for the good comments

i broke my foot, so i could not really ride in the video, but i enjoyed filming 3s and lutz.
they showed me some interesting new lines :smiley:


cool vid, I’ve been doing too much distance riding lately I’ll need to pull out the trials uni now, and go practice SIF… what pressure to you guys ride with, it looks like you ride on higher pressure…

around 2 bar

glad u liked it (:

sweet video, i enjoyed it loads