Trial Tire Pressure

I’ve been riding trial for about a week now, but I’m still not sure about tire pressure. I have the creepy crawler tire and I’m running it the lowest I can with out bottoming out the rim. Is that going to give me the most bounce or is there some kind of happy medium where you can just get a really good bounce. I need the bounce because I’m not very big so to jump up anything high I have to get the pre bounce. Thanks.

100 psi.

Are you kidding me?

In no way am I kidding you.

that’s the front; run 150 in the rear.

OR, use the SEARCH function, since this topic gets posted almost daily!


I have just started getting into trials myself and have been experimenting the last few nights with this.
I had it too hard when starting so let some out, then it was ok… thought then maybe i could get more bounce so let more out - ended up bottoming out the rim… so put more back in, up to 25psi.
When riding last night with 25psi i let a bit more out and its great again.
I’d say between 20psi and 25psi… 20 bottoms out and 25 is too hard.
Hope that helps.

no kidding
and the thing is FIND OUT FOR YOUR SELF

ohh and don’t ask how… because if you did you would be stupid!

I’d say closer to 20psi… Just remembered i had let it out to just under 20.
Maybe give 22a try and see how it goes for you.
I am running a Luna

Why don’t people just post the answers to questions like these rather than spending time typing out ‘‘use the search’’?

It might be annoying, but how are new people gonna know this??

I have my tyre as low as possible, without risking damaging the rim - you need to work out the right PSI for you by yourself.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Please explain how you plan to do this on a UNIcycle.

It’s hard to not ask what all the other people are using isn’t it.

Let me assure you the reason you cant jump onto a picnic table is not weather you have 25 or 35 psi in your tire.

Thanks to everybody that helped me out, I’m sick of these people saying using the search as well. But I’m still curious as to why the first replier was saying 100 psi when everybody else says 20- 30?

I have my tire as high as possible without risking a blowout.

Well if the psi doesnt matter how do people just jump onto tables. I mean I can’t even jump straight up onto a table without a unicycle. I always thought people used the bounce to get up there.

A combination of technique and tyre pressure, probably more of the technique & practice.

It is curious that I rule and everyone else sucks.

Because he’s a jackass and he’s fucking with you. Just figure it out for yourself. Pump it up to like 30 psi and keep the valve cap off so you can let out a bit of air and try again until it feels right. It also depends on what you’re doing. If you are just concerned with jumping high, then you can get away with a lower pressure. If you are going to be jumping off high stuff, you want it a bit higher. If you are going to be doing big side hops, you need the pressure even higher so your tire won’t fold over. I take a pump with me so I can adjust the pressure as needed when I ride. I ride with mine as high as 35 psi and as low as 15 psi, it just depends on what I’m doing.

No matter how bouncy your tire is, you’ll never jump higher with your unicycle than without.

I wouldn’t say there was much difference thinking about it, but i have no evidence…
I can’t imagine top trials riders side hopping up 1.1m with no unicycle :S

I can jump higher without my unicycle than the world record for jumping with a unicycle. I can only do 75 cm with my uni.