Trial thingy...

Well i ordered my new Torker DX, and while its being shipped, i really want to make one of those trial courses you see on youtube and stuff… but… I have no idea what to do… :frowning: I am pretty limited on tools, and im only 13… but i have wood, nailgun, and LOTS of time :smiley:
Sooo… I’m not extactly sure what im asking, but i really have no clue what to do… :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much just need any knowledge that people know… lol :smiley:

instant trials— go to the back of home depot, play on pallets (yay!)


Gather your own pallets and some cable roll spools then put 2x4s everywhere as skinnies, cause skinnies are fun. Just mix and match till it’s fun and possible. :smiley: have fun!

You’ll need a saw of some sorts.
It also depends on where you live, but I presume that you live in an urban setting.

I would make myself a series of boxes of different hight and easily stackable. Pallets is the choice for this as you can easily remove/add to modify you hight to suit your sidehop.
A skinny edge of a 2x4 is good practice for any skinnie.

Lol, i wish there was a home depot here… :frowning:

Where can i get cable roll spools? :thinking:

Ya i live in a neighborhood, But what do you mean by boxes? and im gonna get some pallets tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

cable roll spools are usually left over from underground cable jobs, there pretty cool to jump on, as they don’t rock side to side like some obstacles. You might not be able to find any, I go to my cable company to get em’ and I’ve got like three of em’. There fun :smiley:

im working with “donations” from local businesses, between 5-15 pallets a day (i think i got 22 today WOOOH)

i should have around 50 pallets now, its not as many as it seems. Some of them are HUGE and awesome, while others… i take apart and use them to scab obstacles together. a good way to make a sturdy box is take 4 pallets, put them on their side, nail another one on top, nail those pallets together, VOIALA! pallet box
i use the crappy ones for the sides and a good one for the top.
i have a good angle iron (4"x2"x8foot or so…) from shop class that i am going to use, and many other random objects. just gather random sturdy objects, set them on the ground well, nail them together if they are pallets, and make it random, otherwise it will be awfully lame.
my trials course is going to be huge, but you can always add to it later if you don’t like it.
i think thats all i had to say.

go to construction sights and take what is in the garbage can that you think you can ride on, watch out for nails…
find old car tires, washing machines and dryers, cinder blocks, round rails,square rails, set up pallets, pieces of wood of fair size, pieces of wood of any size you think you can use…if you can get an old car and you can ride on that…use your imagination and the possibilities are endless…