[Trial & Street] )-O [Kage] O-(

Hey everybody!! look here. a new video is up :astonished: … isn’t that nice!?
btw it’s me with the green pants and long hair.:smiley:

there was no street, only trial!

sorry… there were supposed to be some street in it, but I forgot that I had deleted it…

i see

Nice video looked like you had fun

Trials is best :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 :wink:

haha yeah :slight_smile:

Really nice vid. I’m looking forward to the next.
+1 to trials is best.

Hmm… I thought you liked street a bit better… But what the F***, Trials IS best:p:D

Last time i preferred street was all the way back before christmas and before we met each other first time. :smiley:

Whose uni was the blue KH behind you while you were eating? I can see that you had a Koxx, and mark used his brown KH.

what??? a Koxx one?? i’ve have never had a k1… The blue KH is mine before I painted it black and orange… And Mark’s uni isn’t brown, it’s red…

How can trials be best when street is clearly best?

I thought your black and orange kh was a koxx, because the colors looked (to me) like koxx colors. And is Marks uni red? ah, yes, now i remember at Junior forum someone thought some paint that had fallen off marks uni was blood. They looked disappointed when i told them it just was paint :stuck_out_tongue:

Street isn’t best. Trials is. And old school street is better than new school.