[Trial/Street] 5 days in berlin

Thorsten, Jakob I and some danish girls went to berlin to unicycle and visit the city a little bit. Maybe I can upload a high quality version soon.

Hope you enjoy it.

download link: http://videos.unicycle.tv/385.abspann.wmv

That video is nice!!! Really Good!!!

I didn’t like the editing,
but that was insane! :astonished:

Jakob is crazy.
He’s doing all his flips so easy!
Germanys best streetrider?

Nice stuff.

Awsome! :smiley:

was there a 720 unispin in there?

I liked the 180backflip and the hick doubleflip.

wow that was pretty cool…
liked the 1 footed idle though at the end of the clip…

:slight_smile: yep, that’s been a 720… (with long hair :D)

thanks for the comments.


Das bisher fetteste Video aus dem deutschschprachigen raum :slight_smile:

I love it!


cool vid! Now I’m really sad, that I could’nt be there. :frowning:

@Jakob: The double down the set at the polish monument was sick.
Waited for the doublehick! It looked great!
btw: The 720 was kinda old… :smiley:

@Lutz: The line over the green box was really awesome!!!

I also liked the last scene (Niko coasting backwards)
Too bad he’s injured and out for a few weeks.

Hope to ride with all of you soon again.


Thank you for the comments.

The 720 is so old because we didnt get a new one on tape in Berlin. The same with 5th flip. I waited one week after the trip for Jakob to land a 5th flip on tape, but it was always raining in Wolfsburg hopefuly you will see it in Jakobs next movie.

@frederik: Its kind of funny that you dont like the editing because I get the inspiration from your Fluck Video competition video and the other Fluck movie. But I like the way you edited your movies more but tried my best ;).

this video is really awesome! and i think it should have more replies lutz did realls his best on the edeting and i loved it (= thorsten’s flow jakob’s amazing tricks and lutz’s wuhooo look at those lines … amazing!

great jobs guys! looking forward to see you all at wunschkonzert

Yeah, this vid rocks! Some hardcore tricks in there. I especially liked the donkey treyflip(?)

I didn’t see any Danish girls in the video… Did you just dream them up?

Lutz doesnt like when girls are better unicyclists then he his, so therefore he decided not to put us in the video…

Lutz also created a false account to post as one of the Danish girls.

Maybe Lutz has MPD.

What is a MPD?

Multiple Personality Disorder.