Trial records

SIF static=67cm. 70 if I tried
SIF prehop= 80cm.

SIF prehop: lol uhh… 24 in
SIF static: 30 in

SI prehop: 26 in?
SI static: 29-30 in?

SIF up a stairset: 5 set
SI up stairs: 5
SIF gap: 7.5 feet
SI gap: 7.5 feet

if your static gap is 7.5ft now you should probably change it in your sig lol.20cm is alot of difference

hehe… you will never beat my sidehop… I’m at 95cm right…

And by the way, Anton is getting really close to the 360 sidespin…Sick, huh?? :sunglasses:

Damn! Ok, I won’t beat your sidehop, but who’s most technical of us, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I think I’ll go out and land the sidespin right away. Same with the in-in 3spin. :smiley:

yeah I know you’re the most technical… haven’t you landed the in-in 3spin yet… you were so close at HUCK…

I have completely forgotten to practice it :roll_eyes:

i’ll get mine measured then post them

sick i wanna know what your best static gap is

wow this thread made me realize that i cant hop for sh*t, i’ve never measured, but i am not even close to some of these.

lol dude it comes with time and lots and lots of training.Youll get there you just have to be patient

yeah :smiley: I would like to know all of your stats :stuck_out_tongue:
I only know that you can hop 130cm :roll_eyes:

i know a couple now
SI gap with prehop: 274 cm
SI pedal grab with prehop: 130 cm
SIF side hop: 133 cm

I got a new FIF prehop record :stuck_out_tongue:

SIF prehop: 111cm

Nice man,you improve your hop too fast.Whats your secret ?

2,25 m gap

Awesome !!

Static SIF Pedal Grab: 130cm
Static SIF Hop: 105cm
SIF prehop: 136cm
SIF prehop over bar: 115cm

SIF prehop : 87cm

SIF static : 77cm

SI prehop 78cm

SIF Static : I did one that looked around the 90cm, but my official record is 84cm
SIF Prehop : —
SI static : I think I did 58cm… either that or lower:(
SI prehop : —
SIF static: 83cm
SIF prehop: 89cm
SI static: 50cm I think…
SI prehop: probably still 50cm…
SIF static: 6ft
SI static: —

EDIT: Wow! I really suck at SI hops!:stuck_out_tongue: