Trial records

I don’t know if this thread already is made… but I can’t find it…:stuck_out_tongue:
(If the thread already exist, can you give me the link? )

You just need to post your unicycle trial stats/records :wink:

I will start: :roll_eyes:

-SIF static hop: 90cm
-SIF prehop: 104cm

-SIF prehop pedalgrap: 120cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 106cm

-SIF Static gap: 200cm
-SIF over a bar: 87cm
-SI Drop: 200 cm

-SIF static hop: 90cm
-SIF prehop: 108cm

-SIF prehop pedalgrab: 125cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 110cm

-SIF Static gap: 215cm
-SIF over a bar: 98cm
-SI Drop: 220 cm

How’d I know you’d be one of the first to responde to this.

brag brag brag.

Don’t know mine, havn’t messured. Wouldn’t be that impressive tho.

-SI Prehop: 90cm
-SIF static hop: 80cm
-SIF prehop: 110cm

-SIF prehop pedalgrap: 123cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 105cm

-SI Static gap: 7ft
-SI Prehop Gap: 7.5ft
-SIF Static gap: 6ft
-SIF over a bar: 80cm

-SI Drop: 3 metres
-SI Drop Gap: 8ft drop 6ft gap

Mines not very impressive, but I hope to break them this spring/summer.

SIF static hop - 65cm
SIF prehop - 72cm

SIF static gap - 152cm (that was in May, I think I could definitely do more now)
SI static gap - 170cm

SIF over a bar - 62cm
SI drop - 5ft

I live on my computer so i saw it first :stuck_out_tongue:

-SIF prehop: 84 cm (It was 75 cm a week ago :D)
-SIF static: 70-75 cm
-SI prehop: 70 cm more or less

-SIF static gap: 175 cm if I remember right.
-SI static gap: a little less than SIF. 5 cm or so.

haven’t measured anything else.

SIF prehop: 85 cm (bet I could do 90 :roll_eyes: )
SIF static: 75 cm

SI prehop: 70-75 cm
SI static: 64 cm

SIF up a stairset: 4 set

SIF gap: 160-165 cm
SI gap: dunno…:stuck_out_tongue:

SIF prehop 87cm (I am sure that I can do the 90cm)
SIF static 72cm
SIF over a stick 85cm
SIF gap 205cm
SIF drop 2m

I made some new stats today :slight_smile:
here they are…

SIF prehop pedalgrab: 130cm
SIF static pedalgrab: 115cm
SIF static: 91cm
SIF+SI gap: 205cm

hehe me too…:p:D

SIF prehop: 90 cm
SIF gap: 170 cm

I’m not quite sure the size of most my records, because I don’t always have a tape measurere, so I’ll estimate.

SIF Static (the only thing I practice really) 66 cm is the highest I’ve recorded, but I bet it’s 70 cm.

SIF Prehop-- A picnic table (75-80cm, I’d guess)

SI Static—55cm
SI Prehop—I’ve only ever tried 4 pallets, but I could get more if I spent 5 minutes.

Gaps, I’m not sure. Watch my March video, my biggest gap is the last clip.

Sif prehop: 102cm
sif static: 91cm
sif over bar: 95cm
si drop: 210cm
si prehop: 85cm

SIF prehop : 108cm
SI prehop: 90 cm
SI drop: +220cm


Nice man i got some new ones too :smiley:

-SIF static hop: 92cm
-SIF prehop: 110cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 115cm
-SI Static gap: 230cm

nice !!! very good stats! :):):smiley:

ooh cool thread :smiley:

SI static up: 40cm
SI static gap: 140cm
i havent measured my SIF ups yet, still getting comfortable jumping SIF

SIF static onto a ledge> 78cm (I did it today:))
SIF prehop onto a ledge> ?
SIF static over a bar> I can do 70cm for sure.
SIF prehop over a bar> 88cm
I dont know what I can do SI but I will see when I’ll get my wheel back.

Improved my sif hopping with 5 cm.

-SIF prehop: 89 cm

Watch out, Unipsyco! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I got really close to 91 cm too. But my backfoot had somehow managed to slide over onto my crank in the hop, and my crank isn’t as grippy as my pedal (Of course), so my foot slid off. Damn.

-SIF static hop: 90cm
-SIF prehop: 105cm

-SIF prehop pedalgrap: 125cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 110cm

-SIF Static gap: 215cm
-SIF over a bar: 100cm
-SI Drop: 250 cm