Trial pedals -- Strength and grip

Hi everyone. There has been a thread for this in unicycle reviews its just I haven’t got a reply yet. So why not put it in the correct forum and see If I get a answer.

I have a Kris Holm 20 (19") and I am not happy with the Odyssey pedals that came with it. I have herd snafu are also a good pedal. Also the Mg-1’s I cant remember the brand name but there a magnesium BMX pedal. 216g’s I think.

PS: I did use the search function and yes I got results but no I didn’t get any replys.

Thanks Guys

Snafus have good grip but pretty big pins. You pretty much have to ride with shin guards if you’re gonna be riding Snafus. My friend got a pedal bite and his leg was…destroyed. Other than that I ride Odysseys and Eastern Plastics but I’m guessing you want street/trials pedals so I can’t really help much more:)

Wellgo MG-1s are around 375 grams. Thats about as light as platform pedals get unless you go with a titanium spindle, which in MG-1s brings the weight down to around 300 grams. I’m not 100% convinced with their strength after hearing really good things from some people and really bad things from others.

If you don’t care too much about weight I recommend Hoffman Sole Mates. Good pin design so that stripped pin threads wont ruin the pedal, nice large platform, nice grip. It took me about 12 months to crack and about 15 months until they completely broke. In the US you can get them for around $30. Not sure what the situation is like in Australia.

I just got some VP caged pedals. Fairly light at around 450 grams, although I hear the cage bends fairly easily. However they lasted Danni (who rides hard) a year he says, so I’ll let you know how they hold up. I think they should hold up for a while as long as I don’t pedal grab with them. If you are interested at all in doing styles other than trials with these pedals its probably a bad idea though. I got a set for $25 USD.

WEll, I am not really worried about weight however I dont want extreme weights of like 1kg :stuck_out_tongue: – The hoffmans I couldn’t find on ebay at all unfortunately. Which is strange. – From reading the review on the forums (for the Hoffman Sole Mates) most people say good things about them and they are grind plate compatable. – Where can I get grind plates?
Thanks GUys.

garr missed the edit sorry. Are grind plates necesary for begginer grinders? --soz for bump–

I’m not sure anybody really uses grind plates anymore. Most pedals are fine if you just remove the pins on the grinding side. Serious grinders use plastics anyways.

i ride with snafu pedals on my koxx devil and they r pretty nice. the pins r big but they dont hurt that bad. If your looking for trials snafus will be fine. Grinding on them is weird with the concave style but it doesnt effect that much. hope this helps your decision

I hate grinding with plastics. These are my favourite metal pedals for sure. Plenty of pins, and lighter than Jim C’s. And they’re cheap.

Ok, I went to my LBS today and they only had oddysey and snafu out of the pedals you guys have suggested.

Ive hurd they take out shins and shin guards with there ouchy like pins :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and they will rip the crap out of 661s!

After trying out a bunch of pedals (mainly platforms) I’ve decided that the Hoffman sole mate’s are pretty much awesome. Their great pedals for doing pretty much anything. They come with different set’s of pins and like somone else mentioned they won’t screw your pedal up if one strips. I do alot of grinding and pedal grab’s and They’ve held up fine so far. I also do alot of jumping and the huge platforms on them help out a ton. Can’t beat the price either.

The worse they are for your shins, the more grip they have. They’re also flat, awesome for grinding if you take the pins out of one side. They slide so nicely.

hmmm, ok. This is a good debate but from reading about the Hoffman Sole mates im sold :stuck_out_tongue: now my only problem is 1. Finding where I can get a pair here in AUS or paying 80 bucks for a pair (AU) Anyone know where I can get them in australia? thanks for all your help guys.

I have a pair of those. One of the bars on the front/back broke on a root.

Any new pedal I get must have a reinforcement there.

Odysey JC Trail mix would be good for trials, strong and reasonable weight.

My next Muni pedals are most likely going to be Kona Wah Wah’s. 478 g.

animal hamilton’s are nearly the same weight.

the hamilton’s or the trail mixes should be the new ‘default’ for trials/street unicycles (imho).

I don’t like set screws.

It’s harder for me to adjust my feet on the pedals for a given level of tracktion, in comparison to screws, like on the JC, or those Konas.

I dont know if this has but mentioned but why don’t you like the oddyesey pedals that came with your KH. Theres nothing wrong with mine.

Somehow I missed that you already have JC’s. Why don’t you like them?

As they come they don’t have enough grip for me, so I got some longer screws at the hardware store.

They are kind of heavy, but you could “turn them into Trail Mix’s”. Just grind out the metal w/ a dremel tool, so they are more like TM’s.

I got JC’s but I find that I slip to much on them. I am going to get a pair of skate shoes for my birthday hopefully that will increase my grip on them. With the Jc’s I got my spair pins and the front of each pedal side I put the longer pins it. That helps a ton and especially with skin damage!

I didn’t want to start a new thread so I’m asking here, What pedals should I get?
MG-1s for $70(plus shipping), weight: 374g, grey; (
Echo TR platform for $59(plus shipping), weight: 348g, green.(

I dont really mind about the 26g difference, but what pedals would be better strengh wise for trials? And would I have to remove pins on one side to do pedal grabs?