trial or street ?

hi !

i like street and trial but i only wanna ride one of them i plz help me :S:S:S:S

Why do one when you can do both??? :thinking:
I try do do all types of uni.:wink:

Most people dont limit themselves to one type of riding. You can easily do both with the same unicycle. Another thing alot of street/trials tricks and such are incoprerated in each other so either one can be benificial to your overall skill in the other, if that makes sense.

i think it should be more of street if it had to be one.
just cuz trials is a part of street unicycling.

i guess it depends upon how high, and how extreme your planning to do your trials riding


i would say its good to do both because it keeps it more interesting during a rideā€¦ but if you want to only do one i would say street because it seems to be alot more interesting to watch and do but yeah its up to you.


i fink i go for street :smiley: waht do you fink of my crank flip ??


I like that song.

and the crankflip.


thxs !