trial - odenwaldstyle

Hey unicyclist!

I live in germany and because its so good weather around here, i was out a little bit playing with my new cam and here’s the result:

greetings from germany


(i’m trialing for one year so dont be too hard with your criticism :wink: )

I realy enjoid this movie.
1 year and allmost 70cm hops, thats good.
I ride 16 months now and I can hop 70cm
Keep up the good work.


Nice vid. why is there a spinny thingy there?

thank you!

you can watch the vid now also on

@thejdw: i dont know but its funny! its in marcos hometown dieburg. i think its there for the kids so that the city is not so boring at all :stuck_out_tongue:

greetings from germany


yeah that spinning thing was so cool i have to go there next time when i`m in dieburg

yeah… dieburg sucks… we need more spots to ride here

cool vid

that last gap would have been massive. soon i hope i can level up :slight_smile: good stuff

i’ll try it again as soon as its dry outside haha
see how many tubes i can blow up at one spot lol

has anybody tried to hop on the spinny thing? that would be like a natah spin! :smiley: