[Trial] Laust Juncher '09

A video of me made with clips from 2009

Ridicolously nice. I enjoyed everything. :smiley:

It was cool I had one gap in it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow :astonished:
awesome video! There are some really creative trial lines.
I also like the editing :)something special

Very good editing, creative lines (loved that pedalgrab over the pallet to pedalgrab on the pole).

I liked it :smiley:

that was nice :roll_eyes:
you are geting better and better so fast and you are very creative :wink:

Well… thanks for the comments everyone… I didn’t know I was that creative…
and Marco: that is also my favorite line… :stuck_out_tongue:


Now it’s on UTV:

Nice ridin. Really enjoyed the video.

Awesome video, man!

I loved the line at 3:44. Nice and clean.

First song was used before :frowning: Even only used as an intro to Dimanche, the song killed the video for me.

That was cool! I really like the trials lines, I wish I could do that in my backyard also:) Awesome video!

Good video. But all i really have to say is…

Awesome hair man, keep it up.

You’ve got it right. Except that it was a 13 set handrail :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no “first song” it the same song… and I think it’s awesome!!

that was truly awesome

Great riding, great editing! Now I want to go ride =)

Who uploaded it to Unicycle.tv??
because my name is spelled wrong… :roll_eyes: