[trial]Keukly vid

Hi everyone !

New trial vid, enjoy !

Hmmm… I’ve seen better trials from you guys.

Was that a 180 triple or double? dang, its so hard to tell.

Your gaps are insane! I really liked the tire shot and the 360 unispin on the skinny was pretty intense too.

Nice video.
Cool gaps and lines.
White try all looks good on silver frame, but still hate the Sticky tire.
Oh, and was the last unicycle in the movie a Triton?

Peter M

Nice video.

The seat-in trials was refreshing.

I’m pretty sure it was a Triton, looks awesome!

Also, how high were those hops at 1:35 and 3:05?

Peter M

Thanks every one !

The frame you are probably talking about is a koxx-one with out painting.(sorry for that, i don’t know how to say :smiley: )

At 1:35, it’s a 92 cm, and at 3:05, it’s a 105.5 cm:D

hey, it was wayyyy better than my videos’

300th post!

Amanzing jumps!! :astonished: :astonished:

aweome! i dont like the white tyre/silver frame/pink rim combination, but it doesnt stop you doing amazing stuff, so it doesnt matter!