[Trial] I'm back


after a longer break I mounted my Trials uni again.
The result is this video:

Unfotunately I didnt find a censored version of the used song, so there are some bad words in the lyrics. Just ignore them :wink:


Nice Video, eh? I dug it, a lot.

That was sick! Loved how you matched the high points of your vid with the song. Nice rolling hop up the 6 stair, well actually like 5 and a half, but still rad. And those high skinnies, some ballsy stuff in there. Keep it up.

Nice vid man!
I liked it alot!
Looks like you got some good places to ride there :slight_smile:
Meh, dont apologise to people for the song… This IS the internet dude, anything could pop up on their screen at any time, and after all, whatever fits your riding is what you should go with!
I’m sure they hear worse in the street;)

This is why I hate these forums. A video like this takes alot of time and effort yet gets no comments. But a video like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plTAw2SNDAA gets 45 comments. What the fuck?

Yep, i know where you are coming from…
And you know why it is???
Becuase people wanna hit the ‘good’ riders thread, or whinge if somehting does go they way they think it should…
As i said before, THIS IS THE INTERNET… Get over it and enjoy what you can access… If something doesnt appeal to you, its been done so get over it and dont pay people out… If something is mad, such as this video, then watch and comment that way… No need to beat people up if something isnt what you expected. The trick in the linked video is awesome… who cares if it was the only one in the vid? It was short, but long enough for you to know after a while that it was only going to be what it was…
Rocco, keep up the riding and look forward to another vid from you :slight_smile:

That was ultra awesome. You’re really talented!

Because Pele is a popular, very skilled rider who usually makes great vids. It’d be natural to see his thread get tons of views, and with that video get lots of responses. Street is also watched more than trials is.

More on topic:

Great video, the natural trials and shots at the insert whatever body of water you were uniing by here were awesome. Good editing as well.

That last bail was cool:p

But it was a pretty crappy video. One minute of footage extended almost three times its length with poor effects. Its also possible he shares the link to the video with many more people. Don’t be upset :slight_smile:

Wow!! Terrific riding skill. And guts… saw your downhill muni vid as well and really enjoyed watching the “full-outness” of it.

this video is really really good. where ever you went to get those places you should keep going there.
places were good and skills where really good.
the song fits very well as well.

:sunglasses: you are a very talented rider :sunglasses:

that other video that people have linked to is really really cr*p:D

Gald to see you back on the sadle.
Love the vid, the music was dope :wink:
You realy have some great trial spots in Germany, and you sure know how to use them. Keep the vids comming…

That was awesome, the riding and editing went really well and the quality is nice. Trials vids seem pretty rare these days.

When people are upset they tend to post a lot.

Enjoyed the video !! Liked the natural trials lines.

sweet if you only just got back your …wicked!:smiley:

The jump up the 6 was siiiick. Not a big fan of yellow though lol.

I liked the music.

And I wish I could have a spot like you have by the ocean.


Nice video. It almost makes me want to ride trials, almost.