[TRIAL] Garden Session

Or into the shop while I’m on top of that!


that vid is really impressive ad your course is intense
you got alot more skill than most 14year old riders i know including myself
props man!

wow dude totoally sick vid. your really good!

everyones saying “pretty good for a 14 year old” I’d say pretty good for anyone…dude your an amazing trials rider

Check the links in my sig.

There’s a lot of stuff you can build that doesn’t take up much space, be rearranged, and easily broken down for storage.

If you use scrap wood from lumber yards and construction sites, it also could be done virtually for free. (My Grandpa built a 250 ft long, 6ft high fence this way.)



Elias, you and your brothers are the future of extreme unicycling :smiley: You guys rocks :smiley:

And nice trial course :smiley: I wish I had a big backward like this :frowning:


I really want to see your next street video :wink: