[TRIAL] Garden Session

… by Elias Pöham

This is my new video in my garden:

soon in unicycle.tv

enjoy it !
please comment !:slight_smile:

wow…that was insanely impressive, as was the course. huge hops/gaps, awesome pedal grabs, and i was very impressed with your SIF drops

one of my new favs!

and the stand still at the end was mint!

Too many pedal grabs, no offense. You have the skill to rubber it. Nice skinnies, nice course. You are INSANELY good for a 14 year old, keep it up.

Awesome Video! Very smooth riding and the song fit well. Good editing, too.

Very good! Must be really helpful to have your very own awesome trials course! How long have you been riding, and how much do you-and did you-usually practice to get that good? I’m guessing for anybody to get that good from absloute scratch-from the very first time you ever even touched a uni-it would take at least a month, lol! :wink: (Possible but not likely)

i loved that! great riding. its nice to see some pure trials vids.
i also go some ideas for my trials course

wow man, impressive for 14!

all of these kids are getting so good, so young. Its amazing

great vid, nice uni too.


Wow! That was really good. 91 over a bar is impressive. I’m behind for my age group. I just got my tire over 74cm over a bar today, but fell when I landed.

Gave me some inspiration to train harder, and make a new vid.

Liked the line around 0:45, must be scary being that high on a pole.

Good vid.

Wow, great video Elias! Some very technical stuff in there! 91cm over the bar was really cool. But yes, a few too many pedal grabs.

Nice work!


very impressive and some nice drops. not to mention amazingly nice unicycle.

yeah, your uni is pretty awesome looking

Cool trial stuff boy !

very very very good trial !!! :astonished:
And I love you’re parkour :roll_eyes:


awesome video
you’re a great rider!! and a nice course!:smiley:

really nice video. i enjoyed it alot. and i don’t blame you for pedal grabbing that much. those poles looked scary!:slight_smile:

wow thats good. Your coarse is a little to insane for me. But i want to try it.

I would pay good money to have somebody build a trials course like that in my backyard! But I wouldn’t have room for one that large.:frowning: Maybe I’ll show this video to a few ppl that are handier than me with building stuff, and see what it might take to build something similar, but on a smaller scale for me!:slight_smile:

Why dont you just build one on top of your shop? lol. That’d work good enough.

Haha! Yeah and then I could do drops of it! It’s only like 10’ high! :roll_eyes: I was thinking of doing a drop off of my shed though, and I think that’s about 8-9’ high! Gotta drop onto a sloped ramp for that…no more to flat. :astonished:

haha. Yeah, hopefully a car wont crash into the retaining wall while your on top of it.