Trial frame in flatland wheelsets world

Hi everybody,

after much questioning, unsuccessful researches and some help from CDK and (thanks Romain & Roland !), I did transition my Impact Gravity from trial to flatland (for more tire styles & choice).

Frame details

This is about the original Impact Gravity frame with regular bearing compatibility and welded crown. This may (or may not) apply to the newer dual-bearing hydro-formed version.

The whole point was: it fits a trial wheel but can it take the biggest flatland tires ??

Reference trial wheelset

My starting point was a trial wheelset with an AlexRim DX-32 (38mm wide) and an Impact Trial white tire 19x2.5 (ETRTO 67-387). As you can see on the pics below, there is a 13mm crown clearance and 10mm side clearance.

Test flatland wheelset

I had at hand a flatland wheelset with a KH rim (47mm wide) and a no-name BMX tire 20x2.35 (ETRTO 62-406) I got on eBay. Turns out, there is about 12mm of crown clearance and 12mm of side clearance (the tread being shallower).

How big could it go ?

Romain from the CDK confirmed me by email that BMX tires as big as 20x2.4 (like the Cult Dehart) can fit in this frame.

Even better, Roland from confirmed that the big Qu-ax Cross tire 20x2.5 also fits !

What now ?

I just wanted to share the good news if you are wondering if you can get full flatland tires choice out of a trial frame (at least this one).

Don’t hesitate to share your success or failure going with a big flatland wheelset in a trial frame :wink: