~Trial - Flat~

This is my newest video!!
There are a few new tricks I learned!

hope you enjoy!!

please comment :wink:

Nice treyflip

But hasn’t the music been used before?

i dont know, this song was on my computer.

its from Linkin Park: Session without text


why does it matter if the music has been used before???

nice vid by the way is well

Its an unwritten rule that unicyclists generally follow.Using a new song makes your video more unique and easier to remember.Good video !

ok I will remember that

Nice riding, but get your 180flips and sex changes more clean.

thats some good advice but slightly irrelevent as i didnt c any 180 flips or sex changes lol

nah it was good riding dude. keep at it!

thanks for the comments!! :wink:

haha look again, in the first minute

sigh. u missed the joke


Hahaha mah bad…