[TRIAL] Eenwiel.nl 'se réveiller à la réalité'

wow I really enjoyed the riding in this video.

great railing and grinding skills ! well done on that video!

Insane! Crankgrabs are reall cool looking, especially when you do a 270 out of them. I’ve never seen that done before.

haha, noted on the to-do list! cheers guys

Your crankgrabs are slick, quick, and sick.

Great riding… I am truely impressed… Loved the hop up the (6?) set.

Impressive stuff, thank for posting

UP A 6 at the end???

that was awesome, the end was the best imo w/ up the 6 and the rails, but everything was great!

wowww that’s a nice video !!!

Like the video and also great to see someone do SI Trials, nice job.

A bit late, but I was at a uni weekend:

Youtube link

The last bit is the trailer for my next video “Grote straat”, sounds like that will be enjoyed more so I’ll try to give it a proper edit, still need to film lots though.

nice video, what song is that?

Relax - Bittersweet ft. Jamie Cullum


they’re dutch though, just edited the youtube description and put it there as well, forgot to make credits.

great vid man, i really enjoyed it. Im super stoked for the next one though, 180 out of handrails!

looking forward to it.


great video! editing, riding, song, filming… its all good. not much to not like.
you make the gaps look easy. I think you could do bigger

i just really really love your vid man, you have so much flow in your trials riding
your grinds are just great! the editing and fiming was awesome

i really loved your 6 set rolling hop and your pedal grabbing rolling hop they’re soooo cool

keep it up man

cya at unicon

– bobousse