trial Cranks 125 or 137mm

I bought KH 20" unicycle with 125mm cranks.

In my past i was riding only trial with 145mm qu-ax cranks & 140mm ONZA tensiles, now I start riding after 2 year break and i don’t know if I switch cranks with my friend (125mm for 137mm) :thinking:

So what do you suggest 125mm or 137mm KH moments ONLY for trial, bucuse I don’t ride street ???

I’m not riding trials but I think 137 are better for trails and 125 to short.
And I would take this one: (137mm).

I heard that Maxwell Schulze ride trial with 125mm cranks? Its that truth?

137s are better for trials.

125 for trial is doable though.

If you still have the 140mm Tensiles I would suggest to use them. I have used both 137 moments and 140 Tensiles, and the Tensiles are way lighter and in my opinion 140 mm is the best crank length for trials :stuck_out_tongue:

but you could also consider the new Impact Eiffel Tower cranks they are only 320g/pair

I sell my uni with tensiles, and now after 2 years bought new uni with 125mm KH cranks.

I can trade my 125mm cransk for 137mm cranks with my friend, for new cranks i don’t have money.

If I was you, I’d trade for the 137s if your going to ride only Trials. You will have more control with the 137s, also, if you ever decide to ride street or flatland, it’s also really doable with the 137s.