trial course ideas?

hi in advance sorry to make this thread if theres one similar,i searched for ages but im sorta new to this.

back on track well im buildiing a trials course and would like to see others courses,give me some ideas and inspiration.

well chow.:slight_smile:

i´m also planning a trials course in my garden. and i have some ideas for it…but i can´t explain it (in english :roll_eyes: ) so i will draw a little skech :slight_smile:

i´m also building a trials course in my garden. and i have no concrete ideas but i think paletts and a few rails are most important for a cool trials course.

something like this (but larger) would ne nice :slight_smile:


big tractor tires are allways fun! make it so it’s a lot of lines and not just one on 5 objects!

90 pictures of trials things I built:


And some 3d Sketchup files for what I built:

Google sketchup is awesome for designing it. The best trials stuff are pallets, Wire reels, poles and tyres. at the moment I’m making a course at my mates house, and we are only using pallets, although I’m sure we will have some reels and stuff soon as well.
Oh and pallets have a really nice ‘bounce’ to them

any of the videos in my signature will show my trials course.

your course? ya sure buddy…

You know what I meant… It’s technically yours cause it’s in your back yard but I helped build it and stuff. lol


Please would some one telll me where do u usualy get crates from?

I’m assuming you mean pallets?

Just look behind businesses where they throw out trash. Just be sure to ask if it’s ok to take them first.


Check the 3rd and last links in my signature.