trial compliation

i tested out the youtube movie editor. i thought it was gonna be a piece of crap, but it worked pretty well. i made a vid of my vids from 12/2009 - now.

it turned out much better than i thought it would…i just threw youtoob track on and it’s synced in a few places

It’s awesome stuff man.


just watched again, you are one of the only trials riders I go out of my way to watch.

wow, the last scene was really really good
doing the turn over on this type on skinny one time is already really good, but many times and in a row… wow
it looks like you’re one of the best skinny rider out there…
after that, i don’t really like the filming/editing, founded it a lil bit boring

Your skinny skills are amazing! Try to find someone who can film you. These angles are a little dull :D.

So your the Unicycle Junkie? I watch your videos =]

haha thanks man, i’m glad you enjoy them

thanks a lot man! love hearing this from such a beastly rider.

and yeah a few parts def needed to be edited more…like all the setup hops could have been ffwed at least… unfortunately youtube editor didn’t have that effect.

thanks! yeah most of those were when i sucked bad at filming + used the kodak zi8 which has the most narrow angle ever.

yes i am haha. thanks for watchin!

Wow sick!
The stillstanding and jumping to the tabel at 0:51 was insane.
Make more video’s.:smiley:

thanks, def will make more vids.