Trial and freestyle

Don’t judge me, but what’s the difference?

bah, i can’t answer the question without judging you.

:stuck_out_tongue: jk

i dunno man…just search youtube for unicycle trials, and then unicycle freestyle…you should see the difference

As I understand it trials is about getting over/through obstacles, usually with hopping.

Freestyle is about doing tricks.

can a freestyle unicycle handle trial stuff?

no it cant.

can they handle smaller things, say jumping off of small heights, like benches and stuff?

benches no. but like a curb yes.

Is street the same thing as trial?

yes. more or less. I use a trials for street.

No, it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

not really.

Street is about obstacles and tricks doable in urban enviroment. prederably 19-20’’ wheel, flatcrown frame, short cranks for speed. it’s nice to have some flow invetween

Trials is pure obstacles without any part of the body touching them - sections of rocks, fallen trees… other stuff. 19-20’’ wheel, no use for flatcrown, long (137+ cranks)

for all people saying tha they’re basically the same i dare you to do a footplant in a trials competition.

easy to do but youll have to start the line again because touching it is not allowed.Ive done 360 unispins in comp

Ok, so I’m kind of a beginner, I have unicycle from a local bikeshop that is nothing special and I can do the standard beginner stuff like hopping and mounting and all that jazz, and I want to move on and I don’t know what type to get :thinking: any suggestions?

What kind of riding interests you most?

That uni looks like a cheap learner. A good freestyle w/ a well maintained rim would have been fine, although it may have been wrecked when he hoped back down.

Every part of a uni is stronger on a good trials uni (19") than a freestyle (20") also has a wider rim and fatter knobbed tire, vs semislick on a freestyle.

Most riders use a trials uni for trials, flat, and street. Some like to do flat on a true 20 (like a freestyle, but w/ a wider rim and stronger parts). Some preffer street on a 24 or 26 (a Muni w/ a semi slick tire).

I like the street vid the best, Not that I’d be able to do any of that any time soon, but the first vid is nice too. You could do both those on a trial uni right?

There are 20" trials right?

If you already have basic riding skills down, you can start working on street skills any time. Good things to start with are rolling hops, 180 hop twists and 180 unispins.

Yes - a trials uni is great for street riding. You might put plastic pedals like the Odyssey Twisted PCs on it for street, if it doesn’t come with them. They are a little friendlier to your shins. You can do freestyle on a trials uni, too, but it’s not ideal. The big knobby tire makes those skills harder.

The way unicycle sizes are named is absurd, but we’re stuck with it. Freestyle unis are called 20", because the outside diameter of the tire is 20". This is the same size as bmx tires. On a trials uni (and the rear wheel of a trials bike), they make the rim smaller and the tire fatter. The outside diameter of the tire is still 20", but people call it a 19 to make it clear that the rim size is smaller, even though nothing on it measures 19". Tires are not interchangeable between the two.

If you want to do street tricks and hop off anything bigger than a curb, buy a 19" trials uni.

Thanks, this was really helpful. What brand of uni would be the best to go with? KH is too expensive for me, But I don’t really know if torker or nimbus or whatever makes a better trial uni, to me they all seem pretty much the same.

I’d buy the Nimbus, but either pick the option to upgrade the cranks to Kris Holm, or be prepared to buy stronger cranks later if you start doing bigger drops.

Probably won’t be doing any big drops anytime soon, I’ll stick with the standard.
I’m assuming the difference between the inferno and arctic and whatnot is just color?