Trial and Error: a movie based on one skill

Well to day I learned to do a gring. so after trying to do them faster I chipped the hell out of my rail, so I made a new one out of oak and made it longer, steeper and all round harder so I threw together a little 1:48 min video, it shows me melting the wax on my first rail then shows clips of me trying to stick my second one, with 1 really hurty faceplant but unfortunatly you can only see my feet:( . any ways here it is

My MOVIE!!:slight_smile: 10M-ish

Yay. :slight_smile:

good job I think I am going to start to learn to grind

Cool song. Although I’m sure there are some that are shorter.

Nice one!

That gringing looks good. You’ll be grinding in no time.:stuck_out_tongue:


Good goin’! Now I really have to make one and go for it!:smiley:

ugh, that music! You can clip the ends off of other songs you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

That was pretty good, now you have to go get a longer thing to slide on. You may want to raise the end up a little too so that you can grind on the entire thing.

nice job. i want to learn to grind but i havent got a grinding pole. that was a really really corny song by the way.

i’m goin for a sandwich

thanks for the comments guys:p

I said sorry didn’t I?:wink:
and thanks Dark Tom, I really feel my ginding is coming along nicely, today I might go for gRinding;)

Nah, man! Go back to gringing, it was way better!

Take it easy!