{Trial) Aleix Lidon Baulida


Aleix wanted me to post this video here:

drop a comment!



sick skills.

but to long for my taste. i stopped watching after 1 and a 1/2 min.

awesome vid!!! I think this is the best trial vid I’ve ever seen!!! :astonished: :astonished:
And to be honest I think he is better than Joe hodges,Max,or fabian… :smiley:

Your freind rode very well and has a super awesome trials course to ride at!

Now we know why he’s winning these comps.

because he has his own sick trials course,lives near a super sick trials course where they hold awesome trials comps and lives in an area with sick urban and natural trials ?

Wow !!! Awesome skills, enjoyed watching every minute.

vido was way too long. i stopped watching after the first song.

half of his lines were kinda average but the other half were insane! i still think joe h is better at urban and park trial tho

Next level!
A long vid but great to see the nice lines and the great style!

For someone like me who thinks about starting with trials because of a horrible Muni bail this vid is perfect :wink:

Awesome trials skills in there and also lots of lines I would never do because I would be afraid of doing them :wink:

sweet vid loved the whole thing. even saved it to look back at to get ideas ond tecnics and such.

keep up the sweet riding

pretty much.

really good video! editing was also very well but it was way too long!

i i think you can´t really say who is best trails rider… in my opinion it would be joe H.

really great :), although I find urban trials cooler than natural :). Good job!

Half of it was magnificent, the other half average.
I wouldn’t mind if you cut off the average half next tim and only get a six minute long video. :stuck_out_tongue:

But totally awesome anyhow! :smiley:

hi Aleix
really great vid!
i think it is one of the best trial vids but indeed a bit long