{Trial} ADDICT Road Trip - TEASER


There will come out a big Trials Video of the Addict Roadtrip in France.

You can watch the full Video in a week on: www.addictunicycles.com

and all the products are available in the middle of Decemeber;)

watch the Teaser here:



WOW that’s just freakin’ insane :astonished:
can’t wait for the video and off course the products!


Awesome! Can’t wait the full video. :smiley:

woahhhhh!!! that wass amazing!!

Awesome :astonished:

Very cool trailer!
Whats the music? Reminds me of Universe2.

The website link is broken?

nit: On the box I think there is a grammar mistake.
It says “all the best places to ride Unicycle Trial in France”
Trails is usually plural, and most people would say Trials Unicycle or just Trials.

I wouldn’t say trials unicycle, but unicycle trials if I were talking to someone who don’t know about our sport. And just trials everywhere else. :slight_smile:

That video is going to be sick!

website isnt open yet

Sick riding.

love it

one week s over? when and where can we watch the movie? the addict site doesn t work for me.

ye the website says it requires a usename and password :frowning:

the webiste will official be avaiable on friday. :slight_smile:


Is the guy at :33 riding a KH? Or does addict make blue unis that I dont know about?

In guess they inserted that footage to show that on a KH you can’t jump far enough. lol

Of course I was just kiddin’

Interesting… is he looking to be sponsored?