[Trial] 30' Rainy Session

I didn’t know if I had to put this “video” because it was only a session of 30 minutes and it was rainning and… here you are the reslult! haha the fuck result… a friend (who rides too) said me that I have to film me and I did this shit… :o
Well, watch it, sorry by my English, and please coment please! :roll_eyes: (the trialers could say me my wrongs?:smiley: )


wow cool place! nice skills too :smiley:

Thanks man! I’m thinking about one more long… :roll_eyes:

yea thats cool! i made a kinda long video, watch it please and rate ! :smiley:
and one more thing!
is that a koxx one frame? that alien frame?


Makes me wanna go unicycle right know… but I’m sick and i have pains in my
legs and a runny nose achooo!! urgh.
cheers uni98:D