Treyflips-Kicking away from wheel

I recently switched the way I unispin, because I don’t like kicking away from the wheel. (

But when I kick into the wheel, I can never land the treyflip.

I was wondering if any of you who have my similar stance (right foot forward, spinning counter clockwise) could give me some tips on how to kick the pedals before you spin the unicycle.

It seems impossible. Do you pull up? Do you kick first, then spin? What :thinking:

Aren’t you better spinning counter clockwise but switch to clockwise? :thinking:

Edit: and didn’t you do a treyflip in your video?

I want to switch back to counter clockwise, because I spin easier that way, but I find it SOOOOO hard to flip in that direction. I can hickflip that way though.

I landed a clockwise treyflip on my call-out video, but that was on my trainer.

After how close you got, how can you say it’s impossible!?

Most people with a right foot forward stance spin clockwise* and most people with a left foot forward stance spin counter clockwise.

Examples include…

Right foot forward - spin clockwise: Adrien Delecroix, Spencer Hochberg, and Raphael Poham.

Left foot forward - spin counter clockwise: Loic Baud, Krisz Kovacs, and Xavier Collos

Because you can land a Treyflip clockwise you definitely have the potential to become a clockwise spinner so if I were you I would keep my spin to the right, but if you really feel that comfortable spinning with the left than go for it. Its all about comfort and I think you are plenty comfortable spinning to the right as you can Treyflip in that direction and not the other.

*there are many many exceptions