Treyflips are ACE. I love them!

I love the way treyflips looks. I think they look like one of the nicest tricks out there.

Anyone got a favourite trick they like to see or do?

Searching is one of they most stylish tricks of all.

But really,

Favorite go to trick: I would say no footer tire grabs. Look super flashy and are pretty easy.
Fav trick I cant do: Sex fakie change from seat IN to OUT. (not sure of the name of this) out-sex-fakie-change

That’s why I started a new one. What’s the deal with everyone telling you to re-use old threads instead of starting new ones?

whoops, that first link was suppose to link to be this thread

but here is another,


The reason for searching is more times than not you can find exactly what you are looking for. I am not saying you need to bring back an old thread with the same topic instead of starting your own. Really just saying you should search more and start less threads. Some of the many links I posted are old, but some are quite new. We don’t need to be seeing repeat threads all the time. You have to remember that the more of “your own” threads you make the less useful you are making the search button and all the old threads along with it. A lot of people have givin’ a lot of time to adding information and opinions here, doing your part in keeping it from cluttering up will make all of that stuff more accessible to everyone.

Your own threads are cool, but more often than not someone has thought and said the same thing. No worries, just helps to bring back old threads rather than starting abigilion in your first month here.

Yeah, training flip tricks is the best way to brake your base :angry:
But, I still love flip tricks :smiley:

And UnicycleJuggler, It’s really cool to have your own thread… but a lot of peoples spent a lot of time posting about tricks, unis and technical infos… And it’s boring post a lot of times the same thing…These users do not NEED to post here… They post because they like here… So if the fórum is “clean”, and they see that everybody like their posts… They will stay posting :smiley:


ahhh. I forgot we where not in there with all the street discussion goin on everywhere.

heh heh! there’s like a bigillion tricks i think are supafly that i can’t do yet. crankflips are a key to unlocking a huge number of tricks, but i guess one of the coolest looking tricks that i don’t understand much about is the sidespin.

the trick that i really like and want to focus on getting in the near future is the inward varial roll like how jon atwell does it.

there is also another supercool flat trick i’ve seen in this video done by théo at 5:46. i don’t know what it is called, would someone care to enlighten me? maybe a tutorial?

please!- 'cos i swear that looks too sick!!

I’m sure all people called Theo are just too cool!
Good to see I’m not the only one appreciating a good street or flat trick. I’m starting to learn flips and I’ve already started trying unispins, so they’ll all be on their ways soon. (I got my new cranks today, so I’ll be able to get off my stupid short ones and back to normal!)

Am I the only person who doesn’t think crankflip related tricks look all that cool?