treyfliping a 4

nothing special just some treyflip falls and a landing.

jon A

Awesome, Good job. The second angle made it look really cool.

Now do it again with a smoother landing:)

Good work.

Wow, your spins are quick. Anyway, congrats on the succession of a challenging feat.

I like how you actually jumped the part that was a 4 set. Im sure many other people would go over to the other part of the set to where it was 3 and a half stairs, and call that 4. Great job.

Awesome, looks cool.

In the last angle it looks like a 3 set to me…maybe I’m not looking at it right.

I cant tell if that is sarcasm or not it looked like he did do it on the 3 and 1/2 part.
Its still an awesome feat.

yeah was like a 3 and a half.

the farther you went down the set to get more stairs the less runway you got.

but your not supposed to see that haha.

great job. I’ve been lookin for a nice four to trey. looks like you’ve got some awesome places to ride. florida is basically crap.:frowning:

lol, talk about ignorant. I didn’t count the set when you landed it.

but still, great job.

That was awesome!! That is crazy