Treyflip, im gunna transfer the trick in a week prolly, when i get it down fairly often on my learning uni as you ppl call it.

Youtube linkage-

rate it plz,

who rated it 2 stars???
That trick took me forever to get.

Id say its pretty good. I cant do it but its not the cleanest ive seen. Good job though.

roflmao. nice work, but why do you always do tricks on the crap uni.
darn you beat me.

The Muni is lighter, so thus it is a little easier to get the feeling for the trick, then it takes about an hour to transfer it to my Dx, so ill be doing treyflips on my dx, in well 2 weeks im guessing.

in waht way is that a muni?

congrats though

I landed it on My Dx, i have it on vid, but I cannot find the computer file, i have to wait untill my dad get home in like 15 minutes for him to find it for me, the computer sucked it up or something i guess.