yes. I finally got them.
In my garage.
With my dogs.
In my pajamas.
Yes. Thanks Emile and Ludwig

nice you finally got them…

Congrats on finally getting them!


thanks. they took a lot of practice.

Wow…you’re father (or whoever the guy shirtless in the back holding a beer is) looks like my english teacher. That’s it.

Good job on learning them, I also (re-)learnt them recently, feels good !


Lol Hugo, you just assume its beer? That could be a little insulting haha.

Not a very good trey, but nice dude.

Wicked fast improvement.

sweet vid.

In my opinion you should always slow mo the first time you land something though.

Wow, have you ever spent a day without learning a new trick or two? Lol. But since you’re pumping out the short vids pretty quick, I recommend starting a trick clip/trick of the week thread. I know there was talk about this in another thread of yours.
And slomo would be really nice.

And the guy in th background? I’m pretty sure it’s a poster or statue, he doesn’t move at all the whole time. He doesn’t even react when the trick is landed. jklol
And nice garage, I don’t have a pool table in mine. lol

yeah, i’ve rolled out of them, but I’ll start practicing to seat in.

well he is the principal… :roll_eyes:

It’s gatorade.:wink:

If I try to edit them to put them in slowmo, it screws up the quality. I figured that i would rather have it in good quality than slomo.

Yes I have spent a day or two without landing a new trick. Those are my superawesomefun no progression/muni days.

yeah he’s just a big cardboard cutout. He doesn’t blink or anything, we’re going to put him away soon.:slight_smile:

Nice work on treys!!
It is inspiring to see someone with the same stance as me landing treys :smiley:

Yes I know he has the same stance.
I guess you didn’t understand what I was trying to say.

I love how at the end you like “yeah! woo-hoo!”:slight_smile:

I can’t figure out what that man in the back (your dad?) said.

I think it was “Say hi to ______ for me.”
“So hows the _________ , ____ ?”

Awesome job. We have the same stance.

Say hi to the tape for me?

“Say hi to Jake, Wendy.”

I googled it and found this

lol that’s my TV. he was watching some old western or something… I wasn’t paying attention.

he certainly does throw them like nothing. off camera too. :stuck_out_tongue:

where in PA, do you live?

I’m going down to quarryville/lancaster this weekend… Anywhere by you?

I live pretty close to Pottsville & Harrisburg. So I’ll have to see. I would only be able to ride on Sunday anyway. I have another wrestling tournament on Saturday.

Ok, I’m not coming this weekend… Quarreyville to Pottsberg is a hike anyway… I’ll be there sometime christmas break… But it’ll be pretty tough to get there. eh, i’ll keep in touch to see if there is a possibility.