i landed my first trey flip today and so here is it
sorry but i didn’t have the time to put some music into it:D

added 2 flat combos
hope you enjoy it


sorry for my bad english

nice combo’s/ treyflip :slight_smile:
you look very happy :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

yea i knew i would land it soon but didnt know that i would land it today^^

i think the first combo loic has done befor with some wrap walks ;):smiley:

Man, that’s awesome. i have to land treyflips now.

i would never have belived that i land them befor you:D
i can’t do backflips now:D

Wow, that was cool stuff.

Yesterday I was practicing treflips, and I got the full 360, and half a flip. All I need is another half a flip, what do you recommend, since you just got them, and know what it’s like to have been practicing.

Yesterday when I was practicing treflips, I went afterwards to do some 540 unispins, and they really screwed my 540s up.

So what do you recommend on learning them, and good job !


i always had to though:

  • ride slowly (don't know why but it helped me alot^^)
  • stay over the uni ( it often happend that i landed both feet but fell of backwards)
  • jump with both feet as same time (when i tryed them in other order i didn't got my front feet near pedal)

thats all i can say^^
(i only have landed one^^)

Always keep the uni under you! And land to SI, it’s easier…

Congrats on that! The first treyflip feeling is awesome!

I land 3 spins SI, that’s not my trouble, and I am keeping it under me…I just can’t get the full flip…

I will film one next time I ride, and people can give me tips.


Awesome man, that was a really cool/clean trey flip! :slight_smile:

wow. I have a feeling that this is going to help me a lot.

I did it! thanks! this helped a lot.

thanks for the hand positioning tutorial. Once I switched I got them in a matter of 10 minutes. After about 20 tries.

no problem but i have to land a second;):smiley: