first trey flip for me…<edit> by the way is it “tre” or “trey”

Treflip is how the skaters say it. Treyflip I think is the original name for the unicycle trick, but I say treflip because treyflip is like a misspelling of the skateboard trick. Pretty much, you decide what to use and we will know what you are talking about.

Congrats on landing it.

ya a treyflip was one of the first tricks i saw before really starting unicycling and i really liked it

so i was really excited about this one

The creator spelt it treyflip so that’s what I try to call it.

I was just assuming he spelt it treyflip on accident because he didn’t know how to spell the skateboard trick name :wink:

Nice, fast improvement.

haha didn’t you invent it shaun haha if so very very very funny i laughed… hard!! and out loud1!!! ha :sunglasses:

Awesome. Didn’t you only just learn hicks?

Have you got any tips? Was it hard for you to commit to it? Thanks

yeah tips would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

i pretty much just treated it as a 360unispin+hickflip treated the hand movement just like my 3spins

committing wasnt too tough…i just would stick it with my back foot A LOT so eventually i just stayed over the whole time and landed it…

Sweet thanks man.